Our Trip to South Africa

If you are reading this blog you may or you may not know that my husband and I are originally from South Africa. This was the first time we visited our homeland as semi tourists. Our initial plan was to go for 4 weeks over Christmas, but then an opportunity came for me to possibly work in South Africa. This changed everything and with a lot of organising we were on our way late November. We worked, but the sunshine made everything feel like holiday. There were still Covid restrictions in place, so we weren’t always able to see and do as much as we generally would have.

We started off in Cape Town, which I ‘ve written quite a few blogs about, so I will link those below and only speak about the things I have never written about before.




The FOOD, I mean you can find tons of locally produced fruits and vegetables, but the food in general is amazing. We found a lovely place called Lupa in Durbanville which makes delicious pasta, we did a wine pairing, visited the Waterfront, and of course had our moments on the beach. We also caught up with our friends and family and took a very special trip with friends to Fisherhaven.

Sunset on Strand Beach
Wine Pairing at Neethlingshof
V&A Waterfront

I’ve previously written about the penguins in Simons Town, but I had never actually been there before. This time I made sure to go visit them and it was beautiful! You pay an entrance fee and then you can walk along the board walk, cool down in the sea or head to Foxy beach where most of the penguins can be seen. Along our walk on the boardwalk we also saw cute “dassies” (Rock Hyrax)

Penguins at Foxy Beach

After our lovely stay in Cape Town, we did a road trip up into the Free State. As you drive you see the vegetation change from province to province. There are so many wide-open spaces in South Africa where you just see nature. We slept over in Bloemfontein and then headed to my hometown, Harrismith.

Harrismith Town Hall – Photo by Yasteel Dhoodnath on Pexels.com

Harrismith is a small town, it’s the type of place you can go to, to just rest. Small town, but I grew to love it. We enjoyed the family time and took advantage of the lovely summer afternoons to go for walks and reminisced about the good old days.


Harrismith has the beautiful “Platberg” which in English means flat mountain. There are lovely places to go walking along the mountain, one place in particular is called the “Perde gat” which directly translated would mean Horses hole. I don’t know where the name came from, maybe the horses would go drink water there?  There is a stream running down the mountain which creates a gorgeous, little waterfall, it’s so calming to just sit there.

Perde Gat Waterfall
Water falling
Different view of the Perde Gat

There are also other places close to Harrismith, which gets a lot of local tourist attention.

Golden Gate, a national park with a spectacular mountain range, here you can go on hikes, camp, stay in a chalet and spot some animals. On our recent drive through the park we saw Wildebeest, Zebra, Birds, a variety of Antelope and Monkeys.

Golden Gate Rock
Golden Gate

There is also the much-loved town, Clarens, where you can go walk around to look at art, go browse through interesting shops or have a delicious lunch.

If you are feeling adventurous or want an adrenalin rush you can try All Out Adventures. Or if you want really yummy pizza, try Tower of Pizza. There is also an amazing resort called Drakensville which is normally open to day visitors during off peak season, during peak season day visitors are mostly not permitted, so just call to check before you go. We use to go there with our friends to swim and ride the super tube.

This may have been my last visit to Harrismith, because my family are in the process of relocating. It was special to be there and say goodbye one last time. Harrismith may be small but we made sure that it was never boring.

Thanks for reading my blog, feel free to reach out and comment below.

Until next month, keep safe xx

4 thoughts on “Our Trip to South Africa

  1. It was exciting to hear and see all the lovely places you visited – indeed a worthwhile trip, reminding us once again of the beauty of South Africa.

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