My Skincare Routine

This is my skincare journey and I know that everybody is different because we are all so unique. I have a combination skin and I will be sharing a lot of different products that I have tried. None of this is in any way sponsored, these are my honest feeling regarding these products.

Where do I even start? I remember being in high school and having this teacher who took exceptionally great care of her skin, she was such a lovely person and always told us, “Wear sunblock”. Luckily, I listened to her because the sun in South Africa is quite hot. Then I remember reading an article in which Minki van der Westhuizen spoke about the importance of eye cream. That’s the next step I thought. I was 19, and eye cream was very expensive, but thought it will be an investment and I started on Environ’s eye gel. I experimented with a lot of different brands that were more affordable for the other facial needs. Then as I started working and earning more, I started switching all my products to Environ.

I have loved the effect that Environ has had on my skin, but now it’s just not as accessible as it was in South Africa. I am back to experimenting again, so if you have any product suggestions for me, I would love to hear about them. As I have started running out of Environ I have tried some new products and boy has the product range expanded, luckily there are reviews on most products these days. On the other hand, it can get overwhelming.

I don’t always follow the perfect routine, some nights I am tired, wash my face and just put eye gel on. Skincare is also about what you put in on the inside, water has been very important to me, again some days I drink 2 litres and the next day I only get to 2 glasses.  I keep trying and learning how to improve and do better.

Pre-Cleanse (The Body Shop – Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover & Vitamin E Cream Cleanser)

Makeup Removers

I call this part pre-cleanse, because I do this before I wash my face. I only do this when I ‘ve had a full face of make-up on.

I love both these products! The Camomile removes eye makeup without burning your eyes and you don’t have to struggle, the eye makeup comes off easily. Note I don’t have waterproof makeup so I can’t comment on that. The Vitamin E Cleanser is very moisturizing because it’s a cream cleanser which helps with the areas of my skin that are normal dry.

Face Wash (La Roche – Posay – Effaclar Gel Moussant Purifiant for Oily Sensitive Skin)

I have never heard about this brand until I moved to the UK, maybe I just wasn’t looking. This is an amazing face wash. As I said earlier, I have a combination skin, so getting less oily without drying out the other parts of my face is not always possible, this product nails it! It doesn’t dry out my skin but helps minimize those breakouts.

Face Wash

Toner (La Roche – Posay – Clarifying Lotion)

This toner had amazing reviews, it makes your face feel cleaner, but on my skin it’s not the best. It dries out my normal/dry skin areas, very good on my oily T-Zone. The dry skin feeling that I experience could be due to it containing Alcohol Denat.


Eye Gel (Environ C-Quence eye gel)

The therapists at Sorbet advised me that from 26, I should move to their more specialized eye gel and I must say I really love this product. My eye area always feels moisturized using this product.

Eye Gel

Day and Night Cream (Environ Ultra Day & Night Cream)

Love both these products, if you not familiar with Environ, they gradually increase your Vitamin A with their day and night creams. Ultra is the final level and the therapists advised me on some other add on/extra products to add to my routine, will speak about them a bit later.

Day & Night Cream

Sunblock (Eucerin – 50+ Sun Fluid Mattifying Sensitive Skin)


In the UK 50+ seems a bit excessive, with Manchester not even hitting a 30 this summer. Here’s to hoping for some more sunny weather. Anyway, this is a lovely sunblock, being a mattifying product it never makes my face feel oily, in fact I don’t even realise I have sunblock on. Highly Recommended!

Exfoliation and Mask (Environ – Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream & Balancing Masque)

Every third night I apply the Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream, I let it dry and then apply the Balancing Masque. The next day my skin looks amazing! I know that you can also apply the Alpha Hydroxy Cream and then apply the normal Environ Night Cream instead of the masque. This is one of the products I always wash off the next day.

Mask and Exfoliator


Environ (Super Moisture, Colostrum Gel, Retinol Serum 1)

The Environ Add-Ons

Super Moisture – This is exactly as the name says, lots of moisture, perfect for those dry skin areas or just whenever you want some extra moisture.

Colostrum Gel – One of the therapists at Sorbet said I could try this as an add on. Honestly, I am not a fan. If you would like to try it, maybe ask for a sample first. It has a strange sticky feel which when dry feels amazing on my skin, but the therapist advised me to add my night cream on top of that. It feels like the product starts to flake off as soon as I apply the other one on top. I ended up applying the Colostrum Gel alone without the night cream. Maybe I am applying it wrong, I don’t know.

Retinol Serum 1– I like this product, it feels like my skin is renewed the next day. I generally mix it with my night cream and wash it off the next day.

The Body Shop – Drops of Youth

Drops of Youth

One of my more recent discoveries. This product has got a sticky feel, but as soon as you press it into your skin and you let it dry, its perfect. I use it some nights if I feel like something different or I use it on days that I apply a full face of makeup. This makes my foundation look dewier and even more like skin. Definitely a fan.

Benzac AC 5 Gel 5%

Breakouts, oh how I wish my skin was just always clear, anyway if I notice a spot starting, after washing my face at night, I put a tiny bit of this on it. I only put this on at night, normally the next day the pimple looks much better. Not gone, but less swollen and red.

Pimple Fighter

That concludes my skincare products for today. I hope you have enjoyed this, if there is a product you would like to suggest, please comment and let me know, or if you had a different experience with a product, I would like to know.

Hot TIP: If you love Environ products and stay in South Africa, buy them from Sorbet, because you get points on all money spent in store, which in turn gives you some credit to spend on treatments. They sell Environ at the same retail price as any other store. Also buy your stash on the Happy Day Sale (normally around March for a weekend) which means 20% off and of course Black Friday normally also 20% off. Make sure you register as a sorbet member to make use of this offer.

Until next month, take care and lots of love xx

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