Lockdown Diaries

When I thought about what to write this month, I had a few thoughts. A what to do during lockdown blog or a blog about losing someone during lockdown. You all have lived through nearly two months of lockdown, so you’ve probably googled or had some of your own ideas about what to do with your days. The truth I have learned is that there is no one size fits all, we all experience things differently. I have learned a lot about myself during this time, this is my experience, far from perfect.

Lockdown started for me with a bit of excitement, but also uncertainty.

I was excited because it would mean Marcel works from home and we get to spend more time together, watch series and catch up on our very long to do list. Maybe I was trying to somehow comfort myself with those thoughts because underlying was the fact that everything has changed. People no longer hugged, some wore masks, shops ran out of everyday essentials, more hectic than that people got sick and some sadly passed away. Nothing about this was normal or exciting anymore, but we had to keep our spirits, up right? Stress is bad for the immune system they say.

Acting Industry

Then there was my work, everything in the acting industry came to a standstill. I just got my new headshots and had many plans. I saw some actors making a new web series, doing some really cool monologues, but I felt like I froze, I didn’t know what to do. I just didn’t feel it, why not? Why don’t I feel inspired to make something amazing? I sometimes need a push because I overthink, but I also experience very creative thoughts when I am at peace and not pressured. Unless it’s an audition then there is a different type of miracle or disaster that happens under pressure. I had my normal routine of things that I work on and practice as an actress, but I felt pressure to do something different. There are definitely some changes I brought about, time will tell how they will influence the future. I am busy with the BGB Actors Challenge and I have learned a lot, realised that there are certain things I’m doing that’s not helping me. Getting more in touch with certain ways that I think and changing them. If you are an actor and you feel stuck, try it!

Keeping a Routine

It may seem so simple, but it really works. It keeps you sane, don’t get me wrong some days we have no routine and we just do whatever we feel like. Having planned ahead for the day gives you a reason to get up and reach those goals. If you are working in lockdown you kind of have to do this anyway, but if not, now is the time to do all those things you never have time for. This opportunity will probably never come around in our life time again, the gift of extra time. Also schedule into your routine time for some selfcare (whatever that may mean for you), eat well, sleep enough, take time to talk to others and exercise.

Some fun!

Everybody has a different idea of fun but I will tell you what we did and it’s nothing major but we enjoyed it. We built a 1000 piece puzzle, we forced ourselves to only build a little bit everyday so that it’s not over too quickly. We like exploring with food, combining healthy but tasty things. We cook and bake some random things, if you follow me on Instagram you would see this on my stories sometimes. We watch series and have coffee with our friends over WhatsApp video call and that’s about it. Oh and we read books too!

Other things

It’s easy in difficult times to focus on our own problems, but the fact remains that there are always other people that have it worse than we do. It helps to help someone else, it gets your mind off your situation. If you can, do something for others, not expecting anything back. It doesn’t have to be big, you will see the opportunity when it’s there.

Lockdown Funeral

I attended a funeral on Facebook live in South Africa while sitting in the UK. I never thought I would say those words. The loss of a loved one has always been a possibility for everyone, but lockdown just makes it harder, you can’t hug the family, you can call or type them messages about how much that person has meant to you and impacted your life. It was a beautiful service, because there were so many heart warming stories about how one person has made a positive change in so many lives. All our days are numbered, let’s make them count.

I would love to hear about your lockdown life too! Please leave a comment below if you have some lockdown suggestions or just anything.

Until next month xx

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