When My husband got tested for Coronavirus

If the picture above makes you think that maybe I have some extra toilet rolls for you, let me just start by saying I don’t have extra toilet paper, just the standard 9 pack that we’re working through.

If you read my previous blog “Our trip to Thailand” https://mylifein2bags506764827.wordpress.com/2020/03/19/our-trip-to-thailand/ last month, you may have wondered what happened to the Coronavirus? Wasn’t it dangerous to travel? Well yes, to a certain extent, but it was not as bad in the beginning of February. There were cases in Bangkok but none in Phuket at the time of our travels. The UK also didn’t have a problem with us travelling to Thailand, we felt like we should still go, everything was already paid for.

Travelling back, we had two brief stop overs in Bangkok and Dubai and on the flight to Manchester we had people behind us and next to us coughing. We were still feeling 100% fine, but after returning home on Sunday night my husband started coughing a lot. He had to go back to work on Monday and he was still coughing just as much. We really felt at peace and didn’t think he had the Coronavirus, but if he did, he didn’t want to give it to his colleagues or people using the public transport with him. Knowing the UK Government’s rules at that point, which was if you came back from certain countries which included Thailand and you experienced a fever, cough or other Coronavirus symptoms you had to call 111.

He dialled 111 and spoke to a lady who asked him a bunch of questions including if he experienced any of the other symptoms. She went through a list of other Coronavirus symptoms, he said no, just a cough. “You qualify to be tested”, she said. At this point the UK had very little cases of Covid-19 and were taking all possible measures to stop it. He had to go to Manchester Royal Infirmary to get tested but seeing as we don’t have a car and rely on public transport, which he wasn’t allowed to use, an ambulance had to come fetch him.

We heard our intercom ring, answered but nobody spoke. This happens sometimes when people push the wrong apartment number by accident. After about 5 minutes my husband wanted to go down and check if it was maybe the ambulance people, he opened our front door and got quite a fright. A man dressed in a white suite with goggles and a mask was standing in front of him. He asked my husband to sit down, Marcel headed down our long passageway towards the sitting room. I was in the sitting room but did not know that the paramedic had come into the house. When they both entered the sitting room area, I was quite shocked at how this guy was dressed, it looked like we were in a scary movie. I said nothing, just sat silently watching this. He asked my husband to put on the mask and then he removed his goggles. He asked if I had any symptoms to which I said no. The paramedic and Marcel then left our apartment.

It still felt unreal, what just happened? This was quite a serious situation.

Marcel further explains what happened, “I got into the ambulance, all my vitals were taken. Everything seemed good, the ambulance driver/ other paramedic radioed in all the details to the hospital. Explaining that we went to Thailand, that Annetjie showed no symptoms and that we were living in the apartment together. We drove to the hospital and no the siren was not put on. We waited for a doctor to come and swab me. I thought the paramedic was dressed up, but the doctor had a really cool looking suite that looked like he was going to space. He swabbed the back of my mouth and my nose with what looked like an extended earbud. The doctor informed me that I should get my test results within 48 hours. I also had to wear a mask when I was around Annetjie and sleep separate to her until my test results got back. Everybody was so friendly and helpful.”

The part nobody enjoys is waiting. On Tuesday evening the doctor called me, I don’t know why they didn’t call Marcel. The doctor informed me that Marcel’s test results were negative. Naturally we were both very happy.

I realise that Marcel’s test happened in February and that things may be slightly different now. If you or someone you love needs to go for this test, hopefully this blog can help you be a bit more prepared for what is to come

This is a very unusual time for all of us, it makes us understand that we are not in control. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone or currently has someone diagnosed with the virus.  My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please take care of yourself, fill your mind with positive and uplifting things and try to be grateful for what you still have.

Ps. You know what to do, also wipe down your phone because your hands and face touch it more than you realise.

Until next month, lots of love xx

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