Best Places to eat in Cape Town

The saying “you never know what you got till it’s gone”, so true in this case of food. Cape Town has amazing views, weather, people and let’s not forget about the nourishment! I can do quite a few blogs on what Cape Town has to offer, but today we are talking food. There is something in here for everyone, meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans as well as options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you are visiting from most places abroad, you will notice that you get great quality for affordable prices. I think the food is influenced by so many different cultures and people, that it just has a unique taste.  There are more places that I can add to this blog, but I tried to keep it short and only mention my absolute favourites. These are my top 6 places to eat in Cape Town!

In no particular order, here they are:

Collins Grill and Butcher

If you are a meat lover and want to taste a fantastic steak, make sure this place is on your list. We found this little gem on the Entertainer App (which you can research if you want “buy one get one free” deals on lots of restaurants, hotels, food and services). We used to order from the “Our Blockman’s Specialities” section on the menu.

My husband loved the “Chateaubriand” which is “Grilled, sliced Fillet topped with a creamy Mushroom and Bernaise sauce and flambeéd with Brandy.”

My favourite was the “Blockman’s Fillet” which is “Beef Fillet stuffed with creamed Feta Biltong powder, guarded by Bacon strips – highly recommended! Our award Winner!”

I copied these descriptions from their menu so that you can understand just how mouth-watering these steaks are. You also get a side of your choice with these options.

Simply Asia (Durbanville)

I never use to like Sushi or eat it, that is until I tasted this sushi! Simply Asia is a chain restaurant group, I have visited a few of their stores which were good, but the Durbanville branch just blows me away.

This time I am not going to include the descriptions because there are too many. I will list the sushi names listed on the menu and you can check out the ingredients. We loved the following:

Salmon Roses, Hot Rock ‘n Roll, Bamboo Rolls (Salmon & Tempura), Philadelphia Roll, Tempura Inside Out Salmon, Kickboxing Roll, Hot Tempura Prawn Roll

The ingredients are always fresh and it is normally the same sushi chef, unless she is on leave.

Suki Thai

I was told about this place by my amazing friend, she knows me well. No surprise that she took me here to celebrate my birthday! Situated in the heart of Stellenbosch, Suki Thai is a buffet of sushi and ice cream. I have heard that it’s never the same, because different people make the sushi, sometimes they have a certain type of food like watermelon and you could find that on the belt. The two times I have been there was exceptional! Included in the price, are a few standard sushi menu items which you can order and then there are surprises on the belt. You also get ice cream as part of the eat as much as you can buffet, there are about 3-4 different flavours (chocolate, coffee, wasabi, vanilla), these flavours also vary.

Stellenbosch is a beautiful town, home to a lot of students. There are so many things to do like wine tastings, markets, beautiful strolls through the university town and it’s only a short drive from Cape Town.


I absolutely love this place and I am craving their food as I write this blog. This is for everyone, vegan, vegetarian, healthy, sweet tooth, maybe not so much meat eater vibes. Their menu has such an array of choices which always makes the choice hard, but it’s a good thing.

Without further ado here are my favourites:

“Coffee French Toast” – “Egg-dipped sourdough rye, fried in coffee & sugar served with maple flavoured syrup & coffee cream” (Dish on the right in the picture below)

I love this, it is sweet, but not overpowering

“Build your own Salad” (below)

Don’t be misled in thinking this is small and not filling. They make amazing salads, with a protein, something crunchy, some colours and you get to choose your much-loved ingredients.

There are so many more tasty things on their menu, breakfast bowls, burritos, warm bowls, super shakes, smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and of course coffee.

Sweetbeet is situated inside Canal Walk Shopping Centre, so you can take a break, refuel and continue your shopping spree. Knowing you have chosen well for your body and as they say at Sweetbeet “eat fresh – stay rad”

Scheckter’s Raw

“Anne, you must try these doughnuts” said my very good friend, who loves her food and always opens my taste buds to new experiences. I am not always into doughnuts, but these, OMW, I am into. I tried finding them on the menu to give you the exact description, but I didn’t see them listed. They are pumpkin doughnuts with dark chocolate on top.

This place is not just for desserts, they have very good vegan and vegetarian dishes as well. I have not personally tried the food, but the pictures and how busy it is says a lot.

Scheckter’s Raw is located close to the ocean in Sea Point, Cape Town, I am sure you will enjoy the food and the area.

The Creamery

This one is purely sweet tooth! Handmade ice cream so full of flavour, without tasting artificial or having tons of colouring inside. There are wonderful flavours, which are seasonal, but then they also have some flavours that are standard and always available. All the ice cream has been amazing here! I normally always try the flavour of the month and then whatever else looks good.

I have tried Christmas Cake, Sea Salt Caramel, 65% Chocolate, Rosetta Roastery Coffee, Millionaires, Cornflake Milk, Popcorn, Lemon Meringue, those are the flavours I can remember, and they were amazing!

Having to choose a flavour is a bit overwhelming, because they all look amazing, you can ask them to taste and then decide.

There are a few Creamery stores around Cape Town, but I have only visited the Durbanville branch.

I hope this blog has given you some insight into these wonderful places! I trust you can enjoy them as much as we did and if it’s not your cup of tea, let me know what you like. There are still so many places I haven’t tried and feel free to comment if you have a favourite place, I would love to give it a visit if I am ever in your area.

Until next month!

Lots of Love

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    1. Hi Valery,
      Thanks for the read and feedback! Let me know what you think once you have tried them. Also if you find some nice spots please let me know 🙂 All the best with Cape Town, its a beautiful city with lovely people.

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